Spotlight on Buffalo, Ver. 38

1) Let’s Raise a Glass to Buffalo: A City of Great Hospitality
Great article from the Toronto Star!

2) The Pie Maker – Damian Parker
Yet another excellent feature article by Luke Copping. This one highlights Damian of the English Pork Pie Company (located in south Buffalo).

3) A Winter Walk at Chestnut Ridge
It was Jaclyn’s idea for us to visit Chestnut Ridge; she wrote an account of our visit a few days after I did.

[W]e struck off on a path to one of the near shelters…or what would have been a path were it not covered in two feet of snow. We waded a little, walked in snowmobile tracks, and drafted off one another. I decided that it would be a good idea to walk in Paul’s footsteps, which necessitated some leaping on my part…he’s a tall guy. And I am not.

4) City of Good Neighbors: Buffalo Stole My Heart
Great post by Katie Costello.

After getting to know me for just a few minutes, many people ask, “You must have been born and raised in Buffalo, right?”

The answer to that question is no. I moved to Buffalo roughly six years ago for college and was fortunate enough to have a job offer in the city before I graduated.

I have only just begun to scratch the surface of its history and culture. Yet I am completely captivated by Buffalo. I don’t just love this city, I adore it.

5) Region Leads the Nation in Real Estate Appreciation (Buffalo News)

For the first time in decades – maybe even ever – Buffalo leads the nation in real estate appreciation. In a region known for low-cost homes and a stodgy, slow-to-appreciate market, being the tortoise has paid off. By avoiding the home sales boom and bust that plagued much of the country, a new study shows Buffalo-area home prices appreciated more than any major U.S. city since prices peaked nationally seven years ago.

6) Teach for America Coming to Buffalo (Buffalo News)
My friend Jennifer is happy about it.

7) Getcha Popcorn Ready
According to the local blog Hello Hertel, historic North Park Theatre will be reopening soon.

8) 10 Free Winter Activities to Enjoy in WNY

(If you haven’t heard, I got married last week! Check out my recap for full details.)


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