Chestnut Ridge Park

What is there to do on a snowy Saturday? Chestnut Ridge in Orchard Park, NY is a fun option. Just make sure to dress warmly!

Paul and Zan at Chestnut Ridge Park

We were joined by Jaclyn, her husband, and daughter (who was remarkably well-behaved in the cold weather). Jaclyn moved here from the DC area shortly after I did.

Friends at Chestnut Ridge Park

There were a fair amount of people when we visited because a Santa event was going on at the same time. And a LOT of them were sledding!

Chestnut Ridge Park

Of course, one quick trip down the hill necessitates a long trudge back up the hill.

Chestnut Ridge Park

We got away from the crowds for a while and took a walk. It was slow-going with all the snow (thank goodness for my tall water-proof boots!). This is Paul and Jaclyn:

Chestnut Ridge Park

There’s a good chance I’ll visit again one day. Maybe next time I’ll take a sled!

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  1. Jaclyn

    Great post! We had such a fun time. Sorry we had to rush off for naptime! It was a blast tramping through the snow with you both. :-D

  2. Ron Flesher

    Great post! I haven’t been to Chestnut Ridge Park since I was in high school.


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